HIH Studios HIHStudios Hristomir Ivov Hristov
Hristomir Hristov
Owner / CEO
Business owner both in Europe, and in the United States since 17 years old! For more of his bio! →
Josi Kat Josie Katz JosieKat JosieKatz JosieKatzz JosiKat JosiKatz JosiKatzz Katzz Josy Jose tattoo singer model actress dancer
Josi Kat
Public Relations (PR) / Host
Josi Kat is the PR and host for HIH Studios! Josi is also an internationally published model, singer for her punk rock band Piss Ant. for more of her bio →!
Sharla Allyson Phelan-Eagan Phelan Eagan
Sharla is a former host of her very own tv show called Clubbin' on KTLA. When not hosting for HIH Studios, Sharla is a writer for for more of her bio →!


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