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Hristomir I. Hristov

Owner / CEO

Born in Sofia Bulgaria, Hristomir Hristov has had the advantage of executing business dealings both in Europe, and in the United States.
In July of 2000 Hristomir Ivov Hristov became a business owner at the young age of 17 when he purchased A.T.Kom. which was an elctronic components retail company that served the public as well as a myriad of electronic companies. Hristomir was involved in every aspect of A.T.Kom which included building public and business relations, supply and stocking of merchandise, employee management and overall success of the day to day operations.
Fascinated with the world around him Hristomir began capturing images as a hobby. As his portfolio grew he became immersed in the art of photography and began investing in the best equipment to enhance and broaden his ability to shoot life in action.
Wanting to define and develop more skills related to his craft Hristomir studied computer science, graphic arts, videography, photography, and web design at the University of Houston.
Now armed with the benefits of education Hristomir needed experience. NowLive Media Corporation was a new internet startup which focused on interactive, live streaming web broadcasts. During his two years at NowLive, working in Creative Development, Hristomir was responsible for everything from conceptualizing new online elements, assisting with the live production crew both in studio and on location, to editing video materials used to create promotion and advertising of webcasts for the internet. He was also in charge of personally producing streaming shows such as: Forbidden Radio with Christine Dolce, Krystle Lina Experience, The Buzz with Somaya Reece, Clubbin' and many more.
In late 2007 early 2008 during the Writers Guild strike in Hollywood, California Hristomir was on location as a co-producer and camera man for WGA member Jeffrey Berman and his United Hollywood website. They did live online broadcasts with interviews with fellow WGA members, actors, actresses, celebrities, from all the major WGA (Writers Guild of America) picketing places.
Moving forward in his career Hristomir began to build his own production house called HIH Studios. This multi faceted company focuses on production value, cinematography, video production, photography, web design, business consulting, advertising, social media marketing, and webcasting.
In 2011 Hristomir created Design Magazine Media-DMM (SpaceDMM for short) an online social interactive place where people can post about different subject matters as well as interact with other website users.


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