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Josi Kat

Public Relations (PR) / Host

Singer, international model, actress, producer & writer…….Your typical L.A. girl. With fond memories of playing hopscotch on the stars, which line the sidewalks of Hollywood Blvd. Josi was born into an entertainment family, so it’s always been in her blood. Both parents were musicians her Father plays drums and her Mom played bass. Josi’s grandparents owned the historic Hollywood Professional School, famous for its legendary attendees such as Judy Garland, Betty Grable, Ryan O'Neal, Val Kilmer and Melanie Griffith.
Born in North Hollywood, California she jumped right into the world of entertainment at a young age and was winning pageant trophies, until she decided to become a tomboy. Her musician parents, we were often on the road with the family in their groovy painted school bus, which pumped her veins with Rock n’ Roll and penchant for adventure and travel.
As a teen actor you can spot Josi in the movie Sid and Nancy, Diet Coke commercials and as the token punk rock student in the TV series The Bronx Zoo. Most infamously known as the singer for the punk band PISS ANT and dishing out plenty of attitude, bad girl strut and sassy lyrics; and later the founder of The FEARLEADERS, the cheerleading squad to the LA Derby Dolls Roller Derby team. When women’s roller derby first came back to Los Angeles there were no cheerleaders for roller derby. That is until punk rock singer Josi Kat formed the original FEARLEADERS in November 2006. Combining her love of singing, dancing and performing with a horror/gore, “grind-core” aesthetic, Josi, Co-Captain Nurse Heather and her troupe of rockin’, sockin’ bad girls write, choreograph and perform their own original routines, stunts and dances. Clad in fetish knee-high boots and black vinyl skirts, the FEARLEADERS have become a big attraction of the L.A. Derby Dolls bouts, which typically draw capacity crowds of over 2000. Their rude cheers have become a crowd participating sport within the bouts themselves and have led to this bad-ass anti-cheer and dance squad into making numerous television appearances. Well ahead of the curve by the time the sport of roller derby entered the mainstream, spearheaded by the 2009 film Whip It (which starred Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page), and now that all derby teams have cheerleaders and the concept has become a staple for hundreds of teams worldwide.
Utilizing years of professional marketing experience, Josi (who also has degrees in Merchandising & Marketing from UCLA and FIDM) was able to land appearances for the FEARLEADERS on such shows such as MTV’s Parental Control, NBC’s Today in L.A., SPIKE TV, KTLA, A&E’s hit show Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, Static X videos, The L.A. Fetish Film Channel and the CW. They’ve also been the subject of articles featured in international publications such as Hustler magazine, In The Wind Magazine, Bad Betty Radio as well as press mention in H Magazine, a feature in LA WEEKLY and Motorgirl Calendar.
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