★ L.A. Punk Rock music band PISS ANT celebrates their 20 years anniversary with their Mad Max style "ROAD" video release party featuring vocalist/performer/fetish model Josi Kat.
★ Arrive early for dRED CARPET photos with Mad Max/Doomsday/Apocalyptic BABES Jessica Zweig, Kitty Rodriguez, Josi Kat, Saahira Syn and Mistress Eva.★
Dark Mistress MC Virginia Jones will lead you through the debauchery.
★GOREgeous Saahirah Syn tantalizes you with her demonic tribal fire play.★
☢ Blood Pit of Gore returns with Missy Munster "The SUCCUBUS" vs. Sarah Staie "APOCALYPSE SHEWOLF".☢
★ Mistress Eva will gift 20 Best Costumes swag bug-out bags sponsored by Rock Rebel & Fearleaders.
Special grand prize by FX artist Missy Munster of Walking Dead, Horror Camp, and Haunted Hayride!
☢ MAD MAX inspired music video ROAD video produced by Josi Kat, Art Direction by Hristomir Hristov, Editing by Suede Flores, music producer Dave Foster and location exclusively provided by Wasteland Weekend.
Event will be held at NOIZE FAKTORY Saturday May 9th 2015 located at 333 Live - 333 South Boylston Street Los Angeles, CA 90017
Event Page
ONLY $1 IF IN LINE @ 10PM SHARP W/RSVP (1 PER PERSON!) or $5 before 10:30pm w/RSVP $10 after/without RSVP
Age 21+
MUST RSVP: before 7:30pm on the day of event, only "Going" RSVP's count, no "Maybe"
LA Los Angeles Punk Rock music band PISS ANT celebrates 20 years anniversary Mad Max style "ROAD" video release party featuring vocalist/performer/fetish model Josi Kat.
Photography of samurai warrior and poster design by: Hristomir Ivov Hristov.

NAMM Metal Jam 2014 – THE Metal Mayhem Show of the Year!

Neil Turbin (original singer for metal band Anthrax) and current vocalist for his own metal band DeathRiders is gathering his friends and class-A metal musicians for one of a kind beautifully dark metal show on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at the world famous Whisky a Go-Go located at 8901 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, California 90069.
The show is all ages, 21+ to drink.
Neil Turbin will be performing with his new band DeathRiders.
Current and former members of WHITESNAKE, ANGRA, ANTHRAX, OBITUARY, SCAR SYMMETRY, CHASTAIN and EXCITER are among the many musicians who will take part in this year's NAMM Metal Jam.
Michael Angelo Batio will co-headline and Dave Reffett, guitarist and blogger the event, which will feature the former NITRO guitarist playing on stage alongside DEATHRIDERS (featuring former ANTHRAX vocalist Neil Turbin) and with over 40 of the world’s biggest metal musical artists from across the world.
Namm Metal Jam 2014 consists of:
- Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent, Whitford St. Holmes) - Vocals, Guitar
- Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) - Drums
- Michael Devin (Whitesnake) - Bass
- Matt Thompson (King Diamond) - Drums
- Rowan Robertson (Dio, DC4) - Guitar
- Mark Boals (Dio Disciples, Ring Of Fire, Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force) - Vocals
- Michael Angelo Batio (Solo artist, Nitro, Holland) - Guitar
- Neil Turbin (DeathRiders, Anthrax) - Vocals
- Dave Reffett (Shredding The Envelope, Guitar World) - Guitar
- Bill Hudson (Emphatic, Circle II Circle, Cellador) - Guitar
- Ralph Santolla (Obituary, Deicide) - Guitar
- Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) – Guitar
- Aquiles Priester (Angra, Hangar, Vinnie Moore)
- Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis) - Guitar
- Mike Hansen (Hurricane, George Lynch, Steve Vai) - Drums
- Tony Cavazo (Hurricane) – Bass Guitar
- Eli Santana (Holy Grail) - Guitar
- Courtney Cox (The Iron Maidens) - Guitar
- Linda MacDonald (The Iron Maidens) - Drums
- Kirsten Rosenberg (The Iron Maidens) - Vocals
- Rigo Amezcua (Agent Steel) - Drums
- Juan Garcia (Agent Steel, Masters of Metal) - Guitar
- Robert Cardenas (Possessed, Agent Steel) – Bass Guitar
- Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert Band, G3, POD) - Drums
- Veronica Freeman (Benedictum) – Vocals
- Leather Leone (Chastain) – Vocals
- Clammy (Exciter) – Bass Guitar
- Jessie Sanchez (Bonded By Blood, Holy Grail) – Bass Guitar
- Greg Walls (Anthrax) – Guitar
- Howie Simon (Alcatrazz, Nelson) - Guitar
- Dan Lauzon (Entropy, E-Force) - Guitar
- Jeff Williams (Onslaught) - Bass Guitar
- Shane Gibson (Korn) - Guitar
- Dino Deluke (Sledd, Nemesis) - Drums
- Peter Deluke (Sledd, Nemesis) - Keyboards
- August Zadra (Dennis DeYoung (Styx) Band) – Guitar
- Michael Lee Smith (STARZ, Looking Glass, Hellcats) - Vocals
- Steve "Zeus" Johnstad (Mayday, Son, NRG) - Vocals
- Thane Farace (Ghost Of War, Bloodied Angels) - Guitar
- Stuart Fujinami (Reverend, Heretic) – Guitar
- Mitch Stewart (Circle II Circle) - Bass Guitar
- Annie Grunwald (Formless) - Guitar
- Sean Elg (DeathRiders, Nihilist) - Drums
- Arnold Gonzalez (DeathRiders) - Guitar
- Michael Lopez (DeathRiders) - Bass
- Casey Trask (DeathRiders) – Guitar
- Joe Gettler (Razormaze) – Guitar
- Xander Demos (Sabbath Judas Sabbath) - Guitar
- Joe Rose (Michael Angelo Batio’s Intermezzo album) - Guitar
- Lisa Margaroli (Celebrity Trash) - Vocals
NAMM Metal Jam 2014 – THE Metal Mayhem Show of the Year

3rd annual Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival, November 15th and 16th 2013!

Michael Simmons Producer/Director of AMERICAN FETISH the motion picture, and Creator/Director of the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival (LAFFF) and The Nylon Girls will be hosting his 3rd annual event on November 15th and 16th 2013.
Tickets available online at: Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival 2013
The Opening Gala on November 15th 2013 will be consisting of: world premiere screenings of fetish videos (music, short films, and movies), live acts, music, stills photography exhibit, poetic erotic readings acted out, and fetish fashion show. The event will be held at 755 Seward Street, Hollywood, California 90038. Host for this year’s opening night debauchery will be actor Jeffrey Damnit. World famous dominatrix Isabella Sinclaire will be showcasing her latest video. The German FETISCH FILM FESTIVAL will be displaying selected fetish video from their fest as a special treat. Dennis Cruz will be reading his latest poem entitled Fetish Dreams. Also including The Nylon Girls, Cat Ravyn DeCuir's 'Ode to Pain & Pleasure', Garbage Viking fetish fashion line, premiere of the Villians of Vaudeville video 'The Devil is Waiting', see Cybil Temenos' DARK DESIRE, and premiere of Los Angeles punk rock band Piss Ant's music video 'Road' which is produced and directed by singer/alternative model Josi Kat.
Event page.
The second night is the Award Ceremony on November 16th 2013 hosted by The Boulet Brothers. The award show will be held at gothic club Bar Sinister in the back (patio area) of Boardner's By La Belle located at 1652 North. Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, California 90028. Live acts of the Sir Nik Whip Show, Mistress Melissa along with suspension artist Charly B! Sex and Metal perform their kinky bondage show. Dance performance by The Nylon Girls.
Event page.
Featured guests are some of LA’s most beautiful devilettes: fetish alternative models and singers Elizabeth Aston and Josi Kat, Dj Helly Helveteseld (Helly Mae Hellfire), model Cherish Modell, Jacky Ferdowsi, and Angela MsPoisoness Denton.
Must be at least 18 years old to attend, and at least 21 years old to drink.
3rd annual Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival November 15th and 16th 2013

Josi Kat and Carrera live Sunday November 10th 2013!

Fetish/alternative model and singer Josi Kat is hiting the stage as vocalist of her rock band CARRERA!
FREE, no door fee, no tickets needed. Event page!
Demonic dancers Genna Sharp and Necro Nicki will be spicing up the night along side CARRERA.
The show will be held at Loaded Bar in Hollywood California, located at 6377 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90028.
First band starts at 4pm PST, CARRERA plays at 8pm PST.
Also perfoming that afternoon/night will be: THE SPANKS, REBEL HOTEL, EVILE ANNIE, SPACE CREAM, and special appearance by ALEXIS ARQUETTE
That's right, it will be a Sunday Funday brunch to remember.

Josi Kat will guest star on Classic American Bars on TradioV!

On Saturday October 12 at noon (12pm PST) Josi Kat will be a guest on Classic American Bars with hosts Ralph Odierna and Johnny Cosmo on TradioV!
Josi will be speaking about her fetish alternative modeling carrer and also about her punk rock music band PISS ANT, her book, and many other project she is part of.

Culture Collide 2013 by Filter Magazine!

From October 10th to October 12th 2013 Los Angeles will be the epicenter of cultural gathering!
Filter Magazine is the biggest independent artist magazine globally.
FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide is the world’s biggest gathering of independent artists from around the world, and this year is no exception.
Culture Collide 2013 will be a host to 108 different music bands from 24 countries from around the world, in addition there will be a Comedy Collide at the CB Theatre featuring different style comedians.
Culture Collide 2013 will be held at: TAIX French Restaurant, The Echo, Echoplex, Echo Park United Methodist Church, Lot 1 Café (for music), and 826LA for Comedy Collide.
Full Culture Collide 2013 schedule at: Culture Collide 2013 by Filter Magazine.
HIH Studios will be once again covering the event with hosts Josi Kat and Elizabeth Aston through photography and video including interviews of the artists

Josi Kat is the new singer for CARRERA!

As most of good things that reside in Hollywood.
Hollywood's sleaziest punk rock band CARRERA and singer Beth Fryman have parted ways.
On September 17th the lead guitarist and the only remaining original member of the rock band Ruby Carrera invites all oddities to the first band performance with new lead vocalist Josi Kat.
Josi Kat is a red carpet host and Public Relations (PR) for HIH Studios, an internationally published alternative (ALT) / fetish / tattoo model, and singer for her very own punk band Piss Ant.
The show will be at the back patio of Boardner's By La Belle in West Hollywood, California.
Guest performances by grinder DJ Dave Wave and sexy dance moves by the best ass in town Cat Ravyn.
Metal/Rock band Evile Annie will be opening for Carrera.
Show event page on Facebook at: Carrera and Josi Kat


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